Jasper High School4

Jasper, TX | Jasper County

August 23, 2013

jasper High School's teachers are great, within the Honors and AP program. However the COUNSELING faculty is neither helpful, friendly nor interested in the students welfare. Harming student(s') GPA's as well as prohibiting the best they are able to achieve would also be a concern. 0.5 GPA difference is IMMENSE. For those who are UNFAMILIAR with the competition of PISD's best schools, between the top 10 rankings, there is LESS THAN 0.05 difference. Zero, POINT. ZERO. five. I'm immensely dissatisfied, displeased as well as utterly disgusted by my wasted time trying to communicate POLITELY with the assigned counselor on my student's behalf.

Submitted by a parent

April 23, 2005

This school has a high-quality academic program. The faculty is dedicated to the student's success. The classroom size is small, and help is readily available to the student. The school has strict discipline and is well maintained.

Submitted by a former student

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